Make a Difference

When you pledge to become a Downtowner, you become part of a vibrant, active group that’s making a difference in the community …and it is only together that we can make a difference!

We all understand how even a small shift in our shopping habits can help our community, but what’s in it for you specifically?

Click on the option that best describes you:

Stay Informed

During the charter partnership drive, Lifetime Shopper Partnership is available for free and it is good for life. You show your commitment by trusting us with your email, we in turn honor and protect it, and we only use it to keep you informed on our activities and of things that you might express an interest in down the line.

Shift your preference

Go Downtown is committed to spread the word on the importance of shifting our preference to shop local, via emails, decals on store windows, in-store flyers and snail-mailers. We are also committed to help local nonprofits to raise funds for local community projects.

FREE Lifetime Shopper Partnership entitles you to:

  • An ‘I Shop Local’ badge to proudly display your preference
  • Invitation and admission to exclusive sales, tastings and more
  • Invitation and admission to our networking events, for business and for fun
  • Participation in our contests
  • Entrepreneur type? We help connect you with hundreds of local business owners, and many would love to help mentor you

This is an opportunity to be part of something greater than the sum of each of us. Become a Downtowner, now ..for life!

YES! I want to support my community and become a Lifetime Shopper Partner

Let the people know

As an independent business owner, you’re making a tremendous contribution to our local economy, so why not make sure people know. Partnership in Let’s Go Downtown helps promote your business and lets you make a statement about the importance of shopping local first.

Register now to become a member of the Let’s Go Downtown Partnership, a grassroots movement that is taking your town by storm, and start enjoying the privileges of the membership.

Annual membership as Deluxe Business Partner entitles you to:

  • Enhanced listing in our searchable online business directory with your logo and contact info, plus links to your website and social media presence
  • Access to many features on this website, including business development forums & blogs
  • Admission to our networking events
  • Welcome blast on Facebook & Twitter
  • ‘Shop with Your Heart’ decal for your window
  • Participation in our Referrals and Business Partnerships program
  • Participation in our ‘I Shop Local’ badge program
  • Unlimited ‘I Shop Local’ badges at $5 each (the badges retail for $20)
  • Reduced fees for vendor spots & sponsorship opportunities
  • Reduced advertising fees on our co-op ad and cross-branding opportunities.
  • All this for $20 per month, or about ¢0.65 per day.

This is an opportunity to be part of something greater than the sum of each of us. Become a Downtowner, and upgrade your town:

YES! I want to co-sponsor this project to better keep in touch with my local patrons and support my very own business community by becoming a Deluxe Business Partner

Ribbon-Cutting Events

When would a business hold a Ribbon Cutting?

  •  If you are within the first year of opening your business
  • If you are within a year of purchasing an existing business
  • If your business recently moved or has been remodeled

What are the benefits of holding a Ribbon Cutting?

  • Holding a Ribbon Cutting is a great opportunity for you to create public awareness about your business
  • A Ribbon Cutting also gives you the opportunity to thank and feature your contractors, lenders and other support businesses who were involved in assisting you in opening or remodeling your business
  • Your Ribbon Cutting can be a time to show future customers 'behind the scenes' areas of your business

What the Ambassador team does:

  • Sends out an email to the Go Downtown Movement Ambassadors, local Chamber of Commerce Board Members and City dignitaries to notify them of your Ribbon Cutting
  • Promotes the event in the [yourTown] Calendar available to all our Business Partner members and the public
  • Provides the giant scissors and ribbon to cut
  • Attends the Ribbon Cutting and takes a photo of the cutting
  • Posts the photo on the Go Downtown Facebook page and shares and tags it on their Instagram accounts

What the Member Business does:

  • Co-ordinates the date and time of the Ribbon Cutting with the Ambassador Chair. To avoid date and time conflicts, it's best to set a date well in advance, six to eight weeks is optimal.
  • We strongly encourage you to schedule your Ribbon Cutting early in the morning or after 4pm to avoid conflicts and give our members the opportunity to support the event.

Coffee Connection

Join us for professional networking over coffee on Thursdays held once a month per active region. Let’s grab some hot coffee, network a bit, and learn something new. The Ambassadors’ calendar will have a special discussion topic for each networking event. Be there to share and learn with your local merchant colleagues.


On Thursday mornings, each month (7:45 am – 9:00 am). Each active region will have theirs set on specific Thursdays, as in 2nd Thursday of every month.


We would like to have this event travel around the area to give opportunity for the local merchants to get familiar with each other, their business, their specialties, and services. Supporting local merchants and recommending each other to consumers is what we are all about.


With recent explosions of online social and professional networks, we can all use additional opportunities to connect with one another on a professional and business level.  Our goal is to present our group members with such opportunities, new concepts, ideas, technologies… Plus, it will be an interesting way to start your morning… Guaranteed!

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