Go Downtown - Live

Live Local

providing you with helpful information from how to contact the utility companies, to recycling schedule, to postal services, to transportation options, and much, much more.

Go Downtown - Learn

Learn Local

linking you to local area education options, the school calendar, the PTA page, local library calendar of events, adult education options, and more.

Go Downtown - Play

Play Local

where you will find information about local events, movie theaters, dining-out as well as other recreational options available to you.

Go Downtown - Shop

Shop Local

is what distinguishes your community from any other. Know your local merchants. By shopping local you help keep your community vibrant and strong.

Invest in the community

Local businesses are owned by people who live in the community, who are less likely to leave, and who are more invested in the community's future.

Why Shop Local
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Our clients generated 85% more economic value than last year using our services

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Decreased spending
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Ready to Join the Movement?

Go Downtown is bringing the Head, Heart and Hands of Communities together to rebuild community resilience and self-reliance. GoDown.town is a grassroots movement that is bent on creating new jobs locally, sustaining small towns across the U.S.A., while helping local shops reach out to local consumers and enable better communication between them.
Let's Go Downtown!

Ready to Join the Movement?

Go Downtown is bringing the Head, Heart and Hands of Communities together to rebuild community resilience and self-reliance. GoDown.Town is a grass roots movement that is bent on creating new jobs locally, sustaining small towns across the U.S.A., while helping local shops reach out to local consumers and enable better communication between them.
Let's Go Downtown!